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  • Valeria troops

    First of all, i know devs won't answer this, but iam just pissed so write this little topic here, also i know how to kite so don't tell me "kite".

    When u start as a new player it slowly gets very hard to defeat valeria troops (like already at 500-1000 trophies) , normally i kite, cauz i know how hard it is, but i just wanted to test it out, IF A NORMAL PLAYER can defeat a freaking BOT, without kiting the troops away.
    As u can see the pic i linked, u can't

    i got 335 troops right now, val spawned 492 +3 heroes, which is just unbelievable.

    How should i beat them in the normal way? Or is kiting the normal way, even for the devs?
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