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    Boss and Tavern Rewards
    Bosses and Tavern rewards are pretty good when you are maxed out on both. If you arent spending the energy on it you are really missing out. There is one problem with these rewards though, and that is they are extremely gold heavy. Now why in the world would I complain about getting to much gold for a reward? Well its simple, most things in the game take wood. I am currently castle level 9 and I was trying to max out my base before leveling up to ten. Only problem is I maxed everything that needed gold and I am nowhere close to maxing anything with wood. It is to the point that at castle level 9 you max at 14 million of each RSS and as of writing I am at 19,674,131 gold. That’s 5 million over the maximum! So tl;dr wood should be given out just as much as gold is.

    Building With Gold (Conversion)
    A good way to fix the last paragraph’s problem would to allow players who are either high enough on the level of building (walls 7+ etc) or high enough castle level to build more with gold. This would allow players who have too much gold to actually use it and not have to see big ol’ red exclamation points on the mines. The final part of this would be conversions or other uses of RSS than building. IE converting RSS to energy, crystals, shards, or other RSS. This would be a huge game changer and I would even spend gems on converting RSS at a shop.

    With the new troops there should be new achievements. The new troops came out awhile ago but I think we should still get achievements for leveling them up like the base units. I don’t know what else can be used as achievements but maybe something to do with upcoming bosses and even the tavern. My tavern is at level 15 and that should have a milestone tracker like the other achievements. Basically some extra incentives to look forward to and try to attain are nice. I’m almost max level and there are quite a few people who are currently max. I only have three more achievements. Raising level caps every so often fights off fatigue and staleness for higher level players.

    With more and more players playing wars and people getting higher in rank/trophies we should be able to have presets for bases now. We can do something like war bases, RSS bases, and trophies bases. That would be awesome especially because we wouldn’t need to rearrange our bases every three days. One more thing on bass, I know you can long hold multi select which is cool but very poorly executed, we should have a “creative” mode. Where you can clean your base off and have your a hot bar so you don’t have to move everything to one side and play around like it’s a big puzzle until you get your base settled.

    ​​​​​​​Reporting Players (Support in General)
    There needs to be an easy way to report people. I was attacking someone with a glitched AH behind their castle. That’s unacceptable and should honestly be a bannable offense. GK needs a better response/report team. Discord for reporting isn’t the most professional and things get lost with new real way of tracking. I reported a problem two months ago and haven’t gotten anything back from it. You have good players spending good money on the game. Dedicate someone to support and it will make a huge difference. GK_Valeon was doing a really great job trying to support people on discord but he definitely doesn’t have the power he needs to resolve request by himself. He should. He is great.

    ​​​​​​​Thank You for Reading!

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    Those would be some intresting changes.


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      Damn I always have more gold than my storage!!! What to do with them. Wish I could put them in upgrading something. Gold are really useless.


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        I have more good than I know what to do with.


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          GK_Deathbringer Woops. Just realized I meant to shout out go deathbringer on the amazing support work.


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            ROFL Square Cylinder