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Admin should listen to players

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  • Admin should listen to players

    Been complaining re: war matchmaking & ignored.
    i have only 17 members, we’re still get matched up with 20 members & a lot stronger than us... soooo unfair

    PLEASE ADMIN. Can you please make the war matchmaking fair to all?

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    I have a couple questions for you regarding your request.

    1. How many alliances do you believe are "equal" to your alliance strength?
    2. Do you want to be competitive for AvA ranking leaderboard?

    Basically I am wondering if you believe their is a big enough community of alliances to always give you a "fair" match. The AvA matchmaking tends to give each alliance around 10-14 alliances to play before it allows you to play the same alliances again. The second question really addresses the elephant in the room. If you only want to play teams equal to your level than you have to settle with not being ranked high at all (Top 50-100) in the leaderboard. The AvA matchmaking system is based on giving everyone a fair shot at progressing higher in the ranking which means playing tougher teams. It is not built to just give everyone fair matches which are enjoyable. I could see other alliances complain about winning all their matches since they played only weaker alliances and still are ranked low in AvA rankings.

    However your issue would theoretically be solved if the population of the community was a lot bigger. This would allow more even fights during your season schedule. The lower number of alliances leaves you in a gray area where you either play extremely strong opponents or weaker alliances.


    • kamandag26
      kamandag26 commented
      Editing a comment
      I get your point Nova, BUT... do you think my alliance gonna win warring with your alliance or those strong Chinese? No chance unless only 2 or 3 of them are on.
      Like last war, we were matched with another strong Chinese alliance 20/20, we’re only 16/20.
      After I wrote the complain above, we got matched with 17/20 alliance which we never fought since season 1 war.