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How to join friends battle?

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  • How to join friends battle?


    A few new players here. We've created an alliance but we cant seem to figure out HOW to join each others fights. We see notification in Alliance Chat when someone starts a fight but there doesn't seem to be anyway to join? Can someone tell us where the button is?

    Also, one of our friends cannot find our Alliance. Nothing comes up when he searches for it. My other friend had no problem joining. Its a public alliance and we're all playing on android. What gives?

    Any and all help appreciated.
    Thank you!!

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    For anyone else googling for this answer I just had it solved in Discord.

    1. You need to be at least Castle 5 to be able to join each others fights.

    2. There are multiple realms in this game. If you cant find the realm list options in the menu, you are probably on realm 3. Send a help message to the Dev's with your player IDs and ask them to put you on the same realm so you can find each other.


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