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BlueStacks - Auto Crashes after Install

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  • BlueStacks - Auto Crashes after Install


    I recognize Bluestacks isn't owned by the authors of Guardian Kingdoms, however it's my way to play games.

    I have tried both (separately), OpenGL, and the DirectX options. I've tried 4 core 4gb ram, i've tried the lowest settings.

    Fresh install of app = Open, Black screen, Crash,

    Have tried to cleanup Bluestacks.

    Alternate games work fluid, various 3d games, and 2d scrollers are smooth.

    Can play PubG, Knives Out, and similar with no FPS lag.

    Computer Specs:

    Upgrades Included:

    250gb mSata,
    2x 2tb hdd's (dvd drive replaced with hdd instead).
    16gb DDR3/1600

    Fresh thermal paste, cleaned air ducts/copper grills, etc.

    Brand new install of Win10 these past 3 weeks. (64bit Pro).

    Page file is "set" size of 16gb, no more or less, no variable errors.

    Bluestacks running on SSD, not the platter Drive's.

    No Raid arrays configured whatsoever.

    Bluestacks is a clean install (version 3 I believe).

    Any direction/recommendations greatly appreciated.

    - RMLeLoup

    Have tried to reach out through email support also, but no reply as of yet. Figured i'd ping the forum, see if anyone here is tech savy and found a solution method approach yet.

    *Edit* Perhaps surplus statement, but not meaning to offend the great admins if bluestacks is frowned upon
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