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    Hey. My names vexer and I've been a player on your game for about a week now
    You guys have a fantastic game going for you but I do think I have a few suggestions that could improve it,

    I believe possibly "champion breaking" meaning being able to break down champions into shards could be a huge game changer, This would allow people to advance their champions easier and really be able to get a feel for the higher up champions if they're dedicated to the game

    When clicking on your builders fraction whether it be 0/3 or whatever I believe an interface should appear with what it being built, since I think having timers on the screen would be a little crammed.

    To be plan on advances this any further? From just a sectioned out interface to possibly a map you could scroll throughout and select monsters that perhaps need certain requirements to kill, Or based on recommended strength whether that be castle level or however we pick to determine it

    These are just a few suggestions I have come up with over a day or so. I'm sure I could genuinely think of more if you guys would like.

    Appreciate anyone who took the time to read.

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    Those are some good ideas vexer.