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Chaos Lord Invite System FAQ

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  • Chaos Lord Invite System FAQ

    Chaos Lord Invite System FAQ

    What counts as a legitimate friend invite?

    There are two options for getting credit.
    • The Invite Button
    • The Redemption Code
    When you click the "Invite Button" and decide to share a blast to your friends, your friends will see something like this:

    Your friends need to click the link which will take them to the App store location. They must download the game. Once they get past the brief intro and generate a name, they will be tagged successfully as a player.
    • Both you AND your friend will receive 1 Chaos Lord Invite credit
    • If you are on the latest updated app, you will receive a congratulations popup confirming you have received 1 invite credit upon reopening the game
    • The friend that clicks the link and installs the game must be a new account that is under 7 days old

    When using the Redeem code:
    • A new player can input your redemption code into the "Redeem Code" found in settings
    • The friend that inputs the code must be a new account that is under 7 days old
    • Your code will only work once, per unique account

    Extra Rewards:
    • You will also receive 5 additional Chaos Lord shards for every invited friend that reaches castle 5 (and these friends have been tagged successfully already through the invite system)

    Why didn't my invite count?
    • The player inputting your code is older than 7 days and will not grant credit
    • The player is inputting a code they already successfully input previously
    • Each new install can only count for one credit (the same new account cannot give multiple people credit)
    • If they have already installed the game before, reinstalling does not count them as a new account
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    Invitation rewards (hero shards) not given though my friends achieved 5 lvl castles.