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Referals don't work on Android devices

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  • Referals don't work on Android devices

    Referals don't work on Android devices.

    Link provided in application is leading to IOS store and no action can be made then.

    Additional issues:
    There is no way to add friends/referrals for already existing accounts.
    There is no way to switch to other google play account.

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    Honestly I would submit a "Help and Support" email through the app. I know for a fact that they usually look over those emails and try to address them (most the time they will not respond back with an email). However they do not have a chat monitor here who provides feedback or delivers concerns to the developers. At least I don't think they do...They use this forum as a low key way of informing the community about updates and new content. Another good portal to get connected to is the Discord Channel for GK. They do have one monitor GK_DB who will provide some input for players. However he/she still directs players to the "Help and Support" email tab for some questions.

    Look at bottom right hand of screen for gear icon. Click the gear icon and look for Help and Support tab. Once you click this tab it should bring up an email which is associated with your account.

    At the top of the email will also have your PID. This is extremely helpful if you lose your account and need to reconnect it to a device.