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Known Issues (Last Updated 5/19)

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  • Known Issues (Last Updated 5/19)

    Hey all,

    This sticky is to keep track of reported/ongoing issues and will be updated when new ones pop up and old ones are resolved.

    1.0.0 Issues:
    Alliance Hall does not allow access to Alliance while being upgraded (Fixed in next update)
    When watching a battle, it's possible to get put into spectator mode before the battle is full (Fixed in next update)

    Server Issues:
    Resources stolen from some bases are not correctly awarded. (Resolved 5/19)

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    If you cant login passed the 50% startbar you can delete the app and then reinstall it. (Remember to save the data if it asks).


    My referal:


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      EDIT: nevermind
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        Also after I go to raid a players base or fight a boss and then go back to my kingdom there is an annoying marching sound on repeat. I'm playing on iPhone 7 plus. Please look into the issue.


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          Hello there. I made phone updates. I have not made any backups ... I can not access the 25 levels account named Ro ... email address ********* please help

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            the one I sent earlier and the present...I have never entered the game center from my old account. I did not know...I entered after my friend told me gamecenter login ,but the old account failed to log in, entered the new account

            EDIT: Removed personal information - GK_Tempst
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              thank you very much for helping me get my account back


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                Help! Got a new phone and it restarted my account at a lvl 1.


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                  The game is freezing on me today, so I did the update and it’s still freezing on me as of 06/20/18 help!!!!


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                    Hello my beginner missions to build 15 walls is stuck on 10/15 walls, I've posted on this the forums, sent 2 emails to help and support yet 0 answers from them. The mission is blocking me for leveling up at all. I would like some help please its been more than 2 weeks already!!!