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  • Boss Overhaul Issues/Suggestions

    I wanted to voice my opinion on Bossing. There are two major issues with bossing in its current condition.

    1. There are 28 heroes that are currently available in the game. Out of those 28 heroes only 9 are possible drops form bossing. This creates a huge issue for F2P players since there is no reliable mechanism to work on upgrading the other 19 heroes. I don’t mind having exclusive heroes that can be only bought in chest but having two-thirds of them exclusive is excessive. POG should strongly consider evening the playing field of P2P vs F2P players.

    2. Need to rework the drop mechanism of bossing. Currently you have one hero in each boss that drops at 50% or higher. I personally don’t have an issue with this until that hero hits 9*. Once Celeste (dragon), Grok (mammoth), Tempest (Ice Archon), Raven (Earth Elemetal) hit 9* their shards become worthless. I know you stated that you are working on content for the extra shards but that is irrelavent. The main issue is you have a boss that has 4 possible drops. Once you max the primary hero that boss becomes worthless. Even if you raised the cap of star levels for heroes a player would eventually hit that cap for the primary hero. After hitting that critical point it becomes almost pointless to play that boss for a low chance of winning the other three heroes that he drops.

    Suggestions to fix these issues.

    1. Delete the duplicate hero drops for the current 4 bosses. This will enable 16 possible hero drops which is a significant increase. Follow the same methodology when you introduce new bosses. By the time you finish the last 3 bosses you will have 28 farmable heroes. Enabling more heroes will not break your business model of players buying chest. It still takes a lot of grind to level those heroes through bossing. Players will constantly gem and boost troops for their favorite hero during bossing.

    Second idea for solving this problem is periodically (weekly, monthly, etc.) changing the possible drops for a boss. This option will leave POG with more flexibility if you release another wave of heroes. Even with a low number of available bosses to play, POG could promote and have events for new heroes in the bossing arena. Honestly this mechanism might be great for marketability and maintaining players interest in the game long term. Having high demand heroes available for a limited time sets the groundwork for players to gem/boost troops. A lot of other mobile games use this mechanism. This solution would partially address the issue of my second point as well.

    2. I suggest that POG significantly lowered the drop ratio of the primary hero after hitting 9* during bossing. I have maxed all 4 primary heroes and feel the overall mechanism is broke. I have now collected around 2000 extra hero shards while not leveling one secondary hero. POG will need to lower the drop ratio of each hero after it reaches 9* since this issue will repeat itself once the next highest drop rate hero is maxed out.

    Second idea is to set all the drop rates to an equal value. Therefore they should all level up at the same rate. Grinding at the end would be understandable with this methodology.

    Third Idea is stated above under section one. Periodically changing the possible drops would mitigate some of the issue but not completely solve the high drop ratio for only one hero.

    I am certain that POG has already thought of many of these ideas but I wanted to voice my concern for bossing. PvE aspect of this game is very enjoyable and change of pace. I just wanted to bring forward some of the major concerns with the reward system which is causing me to lose great interest in playing the game.

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    I totally agree! If you guys don’t even the playing field for F2P your player base will reduce. Think of F2P as deer and your pay to win as man. Deer run away man can’t hunt and dies...


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      You gotta admit that your profit margins went down after that update that changed everything. You guys got greedy and it backfired. Now your trying to find the profits elsewhere. Stayed true to my word. No money spent on this game since you all messed it up. ✌