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  • A few suggestions

    I have two suggested changes. The first one especially is necessary.

    1) The matchmaking algorithm needs changes. It seems to be based too much on your recent win / loss record and not enough on castle level. Castle level should be the main determining factor and win / loss should be very minor, if at all. Too many players drop trophies in order to stay hidden from big players and to find easier players to attack while others are typically only given high level castles as targets (mostly castle 9 and 10) even though they are only castles 7 and 8.
    This really needs to change as it's not creating fair and fun playing fields. Dropping trophies should be highly discouraged by not giving players any benefits.

    2) Although less important, Tempest towers are far too OP. They need a nerf badly! I've seen them decimate entire armies in one blast. Their presence makes a win almost impossible unless the attackers greatly outnumber the defenders.

    Anyways, my thoughts after playing for a few months.