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Ice Archon Rebalancing Request

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  • Ice Archon Rebalancing Request

    After playing all the other bosses, I have noticed that Ice Archon needs some re-balancing. The current level of difficulty is much higher than the other three bosses. I am currently on Ice Archon Level 3 which requires more troops than the max level bosses on Dragon (Level 6), Mammoth Reaver (Level 5), and Earth Elemental (Level 4). It should be noted that Ice Archon Level 3 is not even the max level for this boss. Of course strategy also plays a role in the number of troops used but I believe the level of difficulty still exceeds the other bosses by a level of magnitude. I have also talked with many other players who feel the same way. Under the current condition, Ice Archon is not worth while to boss farm for hero shards. Which in turn makes him useless as game play content.

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    I agree with this - Zion


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      I have a different opinion and I think it might be coming down to which troops we have leveled and are using in these fights. In my experience and in looking over all the boss reward stats we have collected, Archon 3 is in line with Dragon 5 and Reaver 4.

      Difficulty / troop loss:
      For Archon 3, if I use Reavers, Warships, and Immortals and try to deploy strategically it consumes about 1500 supply. If I use Immortals and Ballistas and no strategy - just drop them in a big blob and don't even watch the fight - it consumes about 2000 supply. For me this is in line with the EE, and I'm pretty sure I personally lose more when I fight the Dragon and Reaver as I'm pretty inefficient against them.

      Archon 3 gives 12 shards, Dragon 5 gives 12 shards, and Reaver 4 gives 13 shards. Archon 3 is maybe a little light on the gold rewards compared to the others but I think not by much.

      What stands out to me is the rewards for EE level 3 and 4 (especially 4) are really too good for the level of difficulty. EE takes time to fight efficiently, but if you do the troop loss is not more than the other bosses (about 1500 at level 4), but EE 4 gives about 50% more shard and gold rewards than Dragon 6 or Reaver 5.

      Again though the difference is likely due to which troop types we have leveled.
      aka Hideous


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        I will agree that troop levels matter as well as strategy. Here are some of my stats for Difficulty/Troop loss:

        Dragon Level 6 (Max)/1200 troops
        Mammoth Reaver Level 5 (Max)/1400 troops
        Ice Archon Level 3/1600 troops (First and only attempt)
        Earth Elemental Level 4 (Max)/1000 troops

        My overall argument is that Ice Archon Level 3 difficulty is on par with all other bosses max levels for me. Guess it might come down to the strategy aspect of controlling the battlefield during the minion waves. I will admit I have only played it once so I could refine my methods but was caught off guard at the amount of troops required to beat it for my baseline run. The number of minions or minion levels could be adjusted a little bit to make it more consistent with other bosses.

        Improving my troop level would slightly improve my troop losses however I don't think that is the solution to my issue. Under the same logic my efficiency for some of the other bosses would increase as well if my troops were stronger. My main issue is the dynamic of the fight associated with high level minions.

        I don't expect the developers to just snap their fingers and make it easier. My goal was to bring this issue to their attention to possibly direct them into doing a little research on the Ice Archon player history. See if they really see trends of higher troops used and less players attempting to kill the boss. At that point the decision to make a change is totally up to them. If they want this boss to be harder than I am perfectly fine with that conclusion. They could even make better hero shard drops available for him to motivate players to take on the challenge. As I see it right now the cost vs benefit of Ice Archon makes him the only non-farmable boss.


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          Wow you are crazy efficient at killing those other bosses! Those supply numbers are fantastic
          aka Hideous