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Game review - Guardian Kingdoms - Better than Clash of Clans

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  • Game review - Guardian Kingdoms - Better than Clash of Clans

    Guardian Kingdoms - Better than Clash Of Clans.

    I made this topic in the hope of drawing more people to this game. I played COC for a long time and in the beginning was a huge supporter. To this day i still think it is a funny game. But when i found this game i was suprised of how funny it really is. I will list 3 things that i find to be the most awesome.

    1) Team play
    In Guardian of Kingdoms you play together with other people vs enemies. From early on you join a alliance of people, these people will fast become friends since the level of communication.
    You and your friends can gang up on a enemy village, but before you know it you are in a stand off 3 vs 3. Everything matters in these large fights (troop types, heroes, strategi, strike points).

    a) In attacks aswell as defence remember to keep archers out of range of siege towers/siege units, heroes with active attack spells. Pick units to support each other, heroes with different auras and effects.
    b) when building your castle, keep in mind the same defensive mindset of COC. You have to keep the enemy away, let them take the less important stuf such as barracks.

    Heroes/Obtaining heroes for free.
    Every player starts with 1 hero, it will be 1 out of 3. I will get back to them later. What i like most about this game is your hero LEVEL UP BY FIGHTING, which is one of the greater aspects of this game, further more you can farm shardes that enables you to get new heroes.
    a) the archer who carries a aura for archer units that provides them with higher damage. Her active spell is a frost shot that freezes close enemies (this spell also provides 4 archers to support her)
    b) The melee damage dealer with a increased damage for all troops, though extremely high for ironguards. His active is a damage spell where he jumpes in 3 times to kill enemies after this a dodge follows so he doesnt just jump in and die.
    c) The Tank with increased armor, more for horses than the rest. His active is a nice sheld for nearby units.

    For now it seems that the tank is mostly played in the lower levels where as the archer and melee damage dealer wins in the later levels. For myself i farmed them all from the dragon.

    In this game there is quests/boss's. By going through the questline you get introduced to boss's one by one. After been able to defeat a boss alone you can fight it with your friends. Boss's provide shards for heroes which can level up their spells or just straight up give you a new hero. Quests only provide gold and wood.

    I really hope you all will try this game, i posted the link to the game below. If you do decide to try it, please follow the link for credits. Thanks for your time! Comment below!

    My referal:

    Link for reddit:
    Join me in battle in Guardian Kingdoms

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