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Patch Preview: 7/10

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  • Patch Preview: 7/10

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    Hey all,

    Today we've got a minor patch as well as some exciting details for our upcoming app update and beyond!

    Edit: We're aware of some issues with base display and are working on a fix. (This has been resolved.)

    First off, what's changing today?

    Battle Supply:

    Starting today, the amount of troops your allies can have on the field will be based on the level of your Alliance Hall. If your Alliance Hall is maxed out for your Castle level then this shouldn't really affect you, but if you've been lagging behind on those building upgrades you may want to add them to list of priorities! Along with this change the cost of some of the Alliance Hall upgrades have been decreased.

    Victory Gold Bonus:

    Along with this patch you may notice a little more gold in your pocket. You know how if the primary attacker wins, he/she gets bonus loot based on their League? Now the gold amount from that is being extended to all members of the victorious team! Help a friend win an attack? Survive a siege on the defense? You get a gold bonus equal to half of your League Victory Bonus. This should help out some of the strong team-based alliances who often help each other out at a loss.

    Edit: To protect this system from exploitation, the bonus gold amount will take into account how many troops you deployed into the battle. Deploying low amounts of troops will result in a lower bonus.

    Minor Tweaks:

    The Reaver's speed has been decreased to 3.5 down from 4.

    Airship projectile speed doubled to 30 from 15. [No impact on balance]

    Server performance improvements to help with lag and some battery issues.


    Coming soon™:
    We've gotten a lot of questions about what's coming next for GK and we're pretty excited about what's around the corner. This first big thing is "Daily Chests", which will be coming along with our next app-store update.

    Once you’ve downloaded the update, you'll be able to get chests every day for logging in, completing daily achievements, and for winning battles. These chests range in value from just a couple of shards/diamonds all the way up to the 4500 gem chest in the store. As our in-game economy slowly balances itself out, our designers are pretty comfortable with offering more to reward in-game activity. This should help both casual and more hard-core players pickup more champions and offers a way to strengthen them without having to directly purchase chests or grind boss fights.

    We're currently vetting this next update internally and hope to have it to Apple soon! Other parts of the team are working hard on our Android version as well as a major update to Champions that’s gonna totally change how you use them in battle. Feel free to leave feedback here for our devs/designers and reach out to our Support team if you have any issues with the newest patch.

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    My account was rolled back. Are you resolving this issue or do I need a refund?


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      Hello Monsieur developer,
      I am currently having the same problem as Mr. Ronin in the comment section directly above me. I keep asking myself a unique question. "Are you resolving this issue or do I need a refund?" Most of my account was rolled back.

      Sincerely(A true Fan),

      Jar Jar Binks
      (aka sodomizer)


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        @Ronin @Jarjar We are aware of an issue affecting some player's building levels. We will fix everyone's accounts once the developers give the all clear. Thanks for your patience!


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          This is awesome!!


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            Hi Devs,

            First off, thanks for developing this game. Coming from a person who spends money a lot on such games, I must say it's a relief for me coming here from rival kingdoms!

            Sadly, after the update, there seems to be a lot more bugs. To mention a few, but not limited to:
            1) my castle level has been rolled back
            2) my green flags has been lowered by a couple of hundred!
            3) all my runes have been reinstated

            i hope you're working quick to get a fix for this!
            Am really beginning to enjoy this game above all.

            Thanks and regards,


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              Is there an eta on when the account rollback will be fixed? GK_Strider my upgrades weres 6days long and were all of a sudden cancelled as if they were never started :/ and they had 1 day left

              ty for the update!
              Hyped to keep playing!


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                Hello developers so I've gotten problems getting the Chaos Lord I invited 3 people (they've installed the game using my link) and only 1 registered in the
                achivement... I've sent an email telling their in game names so could I please get my freaking Chaos Lord?


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                  Hey devs! I am having an issue aswell. Few of my unit levels were rolled back . Lost a few levels . Is there an ETA on reinstating everything??


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                    Random Geolazcano If you're still seeing something wrong on your account please reach out to the support team to get it addressed! They have access to all the tools to help you out.


                    • Geolazcano
                      Geolazcano commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Ok. How do we contact them directly ?

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                    We want MORE heroes please!