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HUGE Changes are Live! (3/16)

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  • HUGE Changes are Live! (3/16)

    Hey all!

    A metric TON of stuff has been updated and more is coming! Check out our notes below on how the battlefield is evolving.

    New Units/Buildings:
    Warship -- A beastly 20 Supply unit that rains hell from the sky. These guys are fantastic at focusing down the beefiest targets on the field (lookin at you Reavers) but can be effectively countered by a well placed group of Rangers or Valkyries. Warship guns are always trained to the ground and are unable to shoot other air units.

    Valkyrie -- At 6 supply a piece, these guys are the swiss army knife in the sky. They prioritize other air units but can also be a great medium-cost harassment tool for all things on the ground.

    Skyguard Tower -- What goes up must come down, and the Skyguard Tower makes sure it comes down hard. You won't find a better base tower to combat air superiority.

    Updated Units/Buildings:
    Overall all of the units and tower stats have been tweaked to make them stronger in their individual roles, but also more effective against their counters. That said, a few have had their attacks and priorities changed quite a bit.

    Knights -- Knights now have an AOE attack to more effectively counter swarms.

    Ballista -- Ballista shots now pierce through multiple targets, but are stopped by walls and Immortal shields.

    Reavers -- Reavers now prioritize buildings over all else. If there's a building they can destroy, they will push and shove their way over and take it down.

    Castle -- Castle Health has been ~3x'd and damage significantly increased. Enjoy more epic final stands at the castle!

    Summoning Sickness:
    When units enter battle, they will have summoning sickness. This means that they'll be unable to attack/move immediately, but any enemy buildings/units will be able to attack them.

    Star Crystals Modifications:
    Starting today, star crystals will start dropping in PvP. While it may not always show on your battle results until we get the next app update out, you should notice your star crystals creeping up each battle. Star Crystals are earned based on the units you kill in the battle. The larger the unit, the more likely it is to drop a Star Crystal!

    To balance out Star Crystals in PvP, they will now drop less in Bosses. Bosses will drop more Gold and Wood to compensate for fewer Star Crystals.

    Earth Elemental:
    The Earth Elemental is live! If you complete the quests before you, you'll be able to battle this behemoth. Capture the turrets and battle for Tyrion, Raven, and Tempest shards.

    New App Update + Balance (Coming Soon):
    A new app update is coming with tons of performance improvements, visual polish, and a little extra game balance awesomeness.

    Once you're all on the new update, we'll be enabling a new battle mechanic: When your units die in battle it will take time before their supply is available to re-use, so plan your deployments carefully and watch the ebb and flow of the battle when deciding what to do next.

    New Map (Coming Soon):
    In the very near future, your base will be transformed with a whole new map experience with more defensive and offensive opportunities. Keep your eyes open and prepare to try out a whole new slew of strategies.

    As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback and keep on battlin!