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Server outages during AvA this morning (9/5/2018) and score adjustments!

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  • Server outages during AvA this morning (9/5/2018) and score adjustments!

    Hello Guardians.

    Unfortunately we had a battle server outage this morning that resulted in random server clusters going down to cause inaccessible battles on AvA. I should note this was not client related, but purely on the servers. We are aggressively working on understanding why we did not get alerted in time to remedy this before things got too problematic, but sadly many battles were affected.

    With this in mind we have agreed to remove the points from this mornings battles and we will also NOT count the points for tonight's AvA battles. We have to ensure things remain fair for both timezones. We understand AvA is very competitive and apologize for the outages this morning.

    Additionally we will offer a global compensation package to all players for the recent bugs. As a side note, various Star Metal collection bugs should be resolved on the latest build (3.0.5). Please update!

    Thanks for your understanding. Feel free to hit us up on Discord if you have further questions.