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AVA Season 1 concluded + upcoming wars!

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  • AVA Season 1 concluded + upcoming wars!

    Hey Guardians.

    AVA Season has officially concluded and rewards will be dispersed soon.

    As compensation we are giving everyone 30 extra Nexa shards to those that participated in AvA Season 1 (on top of their extra rewards). The extra shards will be present in the reward chests.

    We thank you for bearing with us while we fixed multitudes of bugs and matchmaking scores. We understand the competitive nature of Season 1 was high but we have learned a lot. Next season we will put our best foot forward for a better experience.

    That being said we will continue letting AvA run as a free for all (with no seasonal rewards) to ensure testing and bug fixes get implemented properly on a wide scale. Everyone will still earn the green-gem AvA reward chest as normal. Scores calculated during this interim phase will not count towards Season 2. We will let you know in advanced when Season 2 is planned.

    The AvA battles on 7/7 will not count towards Season 2 and will be an interim "for fun" match.

    Thanks again for your patience! Don't hesitate to contact us on Discord for more information! Share and invite!
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