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Update Preview: Alliance Wars Approaches

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  • Update Preview: Alliance Wars Approaches

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    Greetings Guardians!

    Valkyrians have unlocked the path between the sky kingdoms, harnessing the ancient magics within the islands to connect them. Very soon, the Alliance Wars will begin! As we teased before, during an Alliance War, your team will be pitted against another– your goal is to destroy the enemy Fortress, defeating all the challenges along your path. Each battle you win will unlock a path, leading you closer to victory.

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    The six highest level alliance members' bases will become Guardians of the Fortress– these PVP bases power the ancient Protector towers. You will need to defeat the enemy Guardians in order to reach their Fortress. This will also disable the Protector towers stationed around the Fortress, as shown in the map below. Even though you might be able to reach their Fortress by defeating just a few Guardians, trying to attack with Protector towers active will be extremely challenging.

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    Guardian battles are similar to regular 3v3 PVP battles. If the attackers win, the base and the associated Protector tower will be permanently destroyed. However, Guardian bases are not the only obstacle between you and the enemy Fortress– several resource strongholds also stand in your way...

    The currency of war is Alliance Gold, which players will use to deploy troops. Each member of an alliance is allotted some gold at the beginning, and it will replenish over time. Each alliance also has 2 Mines that grant bonus gold production, but enemies can capture these to gain and the upper hand in battle.

    This battle for the Mine of is a special 5v5 challenge– defenders may place their defenses ahead of time in the smoke, ready to ambush any attackers that come. Protect your own Mines while bringing theirs down!

    You will need plenty of troops to fight in the war– the alliance Mega Barracks will provide stronger troops to fortify your defenses. Protect your own and capture your opponents to make sure you keep your lead in the war. In the 3v3 battle for the Mega Barracks, attackers will have to traverse through dangerous Dragon's teeth fortifications. Small units will take the lead in these battles.

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    The alliance War Forge is a center of troop strength. It boosts the strength of all troops in the alliance as long as it stands. The battle for capturing the War Forge is a 3v3 uphill battle against highly fortified walls and turrets. Bring your strongest allies into this battle!

    When your champions fall or tire, they will retreat to the Sky Hall– while your Sky Hall still stands, your alliances' champions will be able to call upon your champions more often in battle. The battle for capturing the Sky Hall is one that takes place far up in the cold, winter skies– bring the allies with the strongest flying troops for this 3v3 battle.

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    Q: How are Guardian bases determined?
    A: The Guardian bases are clones of bases of the 6 highest level players in the alliance.

    Q: Will owners of the Guardian bases lose resources?
    A: No. The Guardian bases are clones– the PVP battles in Alliance Wars are separate from usual PVP gameplay, and you will not lose or gain resources from Guardian battles.

    Q: If the attacker doesn't capture an opponent's Guardian base or stronghold in a single attack, will the buildings be repaired?
    A: No– unlike in a PVP battle, buildings are not repaired between battles. Attackers may initiate again and try to capture a base or stronghold for as long as the war continues.

    Q: If an opponent captures one of the resource strongholds, will they gain a bonus?
    A: No– capturing an opponent's resource stronghold (Mine, Mega Barracks, Sky Hall, etc) will negate the associated bonus, but the attacker will not gain extra bonuses.

    Q: Can Guardian bases or strongholds be recaptured after an opponent wins a battle?
    A: You may not recapture fallen Guardian bases– once they are defeated, the base and the associated Protector tower are permanently destroyed. However, resource strongholds (Mine, Mega Barracks, Sky Hall, War Forge) can flip. When a stronghold is captured, it will flip sides and remain "locked" for a duration of time– afterwards, the alliance that originally owned the stronghold may attack to recapture it.

    Q: How will alliances be matched?
    A: The matchmaking process for Alliance Wars will be taking into account the overall strength and trophy level of alliances.

    And that is what we have for you today on Alliance Wars! Let us know what you think of these so far! The feature will be out very soon, and we're excited to share this with you!

    Battle on!

    - GK_Valeon
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