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Minor Patch Roundup 12/28

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  • Minor Patch Roundup 12/28

    Hey Guardians!

    We've received a lot of feedback after our last updates, and we have a minor patch coming out today that will address some of what we've been hearing. Today's patch notes:

    - Matchmaking and loot balancing based on castle level and strength
    - Fixed a bug where champions were dealing less damage to walls
    - Balanced champion and troops damage: +10% unit damage to heroes, -10% hero damage to units
    - Lowered troop training costs

    As always, we appreciate your feedback! Happy Holidays, and battle on!

    - GK_Valeon

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    Well thank you and plz keep it up as I have said before heroes are still over powered and it becomes lame thanks next step please give us our base colour back !!!! Love the new art but bad very bad choice of colours


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      After playing a dozen or so battles since the patch, economy feels better indeed - not sure for other players. Battles feel a little bit better now, but higher level heroes still feel overpowered and still needs more balancing please.