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Champion Update: Shadowmancer

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  • Champion Update: Shadowmancer

    Click image for larger version  Name:	forum_reveal_shadowmancer.jpg Views:	3 Size:	98.1 KB ID:	1465

    Some doors should remain closed.

    He was once a child prodigy gifted with unparalleled abilities...
    ...As he grew older, his unquenchable thirst for knowledge eventually lead him to the very gates of the underworld.

    ...He realized his mistake too late and used every last ounce of his powers to seal the dark portal, just as his mind and sanity were stripped away from his physical body.

    All that remains is the shadow that wanders in search of his former self. They call him Shadowmancer.


    Hey all,

    Are you ready for the finale!? We've saved the best for last, but he's finally here. Shadowmancer: Forgotten Grandeur.

    Shadowmancer's command of dark magic and deadly forces should strike fear into any opponent. His passive, Death Coil, will cause his projectiles to deal damage over time. Death is no escape from the Coil– it will jump to nearby enemies once its original victim has perished.

    His ultimate, Umbral Army, revives slain allied troops to create a shadow army. These troops come back with increasing health as Shadowmancer is starred up:
    • 3-Star: Revives fallen allied troops with 40% health
    • 4-Star: Increases health of revived units to 50%
    • 5-Star: Increases health of revived units to 60%
    • 6-Star: Increases health of revived units to 70%
    • 7-Star: Increases health of revived units to 80%
    • 8-Star: Increases health of revived units to 90%
    • 9-Star: Increases health of revived units to 100%
    He's available now in all champion chests. Good luck recruiting this epic champion! And stay tuned as we'll be announcing a competition to celebrate Champions Week tomorrow!