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  • Champion Update: Maximus

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    A thousand battles. A hundred wounds.

    The ironguards fought beside each other in the trenches of war...
    ...They faced down mighty dragons and battled with Chaos itself.

    ...From their ranks, one leader rose to command them. A raging spirit that inspired them.

    His name is Maximus.


    Hey all,

    Welcome to Day 3 of Champion Week! Congratulations to anyone who's recruited new champions so far. Today, we're introducing Maximus: Paragon of War!

    Maximus is the perfect soldier, wielding two swords to cut through enemy defenses rapidly. His passive ability, Last Stand, allows Maximus to survive a blow that would normally kill him, leaving him with 1 HP. He becomes invulnerable for 4 seconds after the ability triggers, fighting until his last breath.

    His ultimate, Heroism, will double his damage output and that of nearby allied units for 8 seconds. This will turn any army into a deadly killing force. The range of affected units increases with every star-up:
    • 1-Star: Double damage of himself and allies for 8 seconds
    • 2-Star: Increases range by 10%
    • 3-Star: Increases range by 20%
    • 4-Star: Increases range by 30%
    • 5-Star: Increases range by 40%
    • 6-Star: Increases range by 50%
    • 7-Star: Increases range by 60%
    • 8-Star: Increases range by 70%
    • 9-Star: Increases range by 80%
    He's available now in all champion chests so go forth and recruit him today!