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Champion Update: Serra

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  • Champion Update: Serra

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    A proud warrior, daughter of the late Golden General.

    Her father told her to stay away, but the battlefield called to her...
    ...When the Chaos came, she was the first to leap into the fray.

    ...Dashing into the front lines, striking down anything crossing her path.

    She will create her own legend. Her name is Serra.


    Hey all,

    For our second champion this week, we've got Serra: Commander of Knights!

    Serra is a swift and lethal champion, striking down swarm units in droves. Like the knights she leads, her passive deals AoE damage on every strike. With her high movement speed, she's one of the most mobile champions on the field, and she can easily rush buildings or take down key enemy troops.

    Her ultimate, Blitz, will grant an enormous speed boost and knockback to herself and allied troops near her. The direction she dashes in is targetable too, so with her leading your armies, you'll never fear being kited again. Her speed boost increases with each star-up:
    • 2-Star: Speed Increased and Knockback for Self and Nearby Troops
    • 3-Star: Increases radius by 25% + Speed Bonus 7%
    • 4-Star: Increases radius by 37.5% + Speed Bonus 10%
    • 5-Star: Increases radius by 50% + Speed Bonus 13%
    • 6-Star: Increases radius by 62.5% + Speed Bonus 17%
    • 7-Star: Increases radius by 87.5% + Speed Bonus 20%
    • 8-Star: Increases radius by 112.5% + Speed Bonus 23%
    • 9-Star: Increases radius by 150% + Speed Bonus 27%
    She's available now in all champion chests! Good luck in recruiting this valuable ally for your army.