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Champion Update: Immortalus

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  • Champion Update: Immortalus

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    He was once a legendary warrior, defending against the Chaos Legion during the Cataclysm.

    When he fell, his essence was sealed into a living armor suit, the first of its kind...
    ...The armor absorbed kinetic energy in battle, sustaining his life.

    ...Now, he leads the vaunted ranks of the Immortal Order.

    The Immortal Warrior rises again to defend the kingdoms. His name is Immortalus.


    Hey all,

    Welcome to Champion Week! Immortalus is the first new champion to be added to the roster this week. He's available for recruitment starting today in all champion chests!

    Immortalus is a heavy-weight tanking champion. Similar to the Immortal units, Immortalus's passive ability allows him to block ballista shots. This, combined with his high health, makes him a formidable foe for any opponent.

    His ultimate, The Phalanx, will summon a group of powerful Immortal units in a linear formation. This is targetable, which means Immortalus can summon his brothers in any direction to take down enemy troops or block off heavy ballista fire. The number of units summoned and their health bonuses upgrade with every star-up:
    • 1-Star: 3 Immortals with 20% health bonus.
    • 2-Star: 3 Immortals with 30% health bonus.
    • 3-Star: 3 Immortals with 40% health bonus.
    • 4-Star: 4 Immortals with 50% health bonus.
    • 5-Star: 5 Immortals with 60% health bonus.
    • 6-Star: 6 Immortals with 70% health bonus.
    • 7-Star: 7 Immortals with 80% health bonus.
    • 8-Star: 8 Immortals with 90% health bonus.
    • 9-Star: 9 Immortals with 100% health bonus.

    He's live now, so with some luck, you'll be able to roll him right away! Stay tuned, because 3 more champions will be joining him this week!