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Matchmaking Tweaks: 8/16

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  • Matchmaking Tweaks: 8/16

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to announce we've made some minor tweaks to matchmaking. Our designers wanted to open up the pool of players available at each skill level. You'll notice that you can now fall below the previous hard limits (200, 600, 1200), but even if you do choose to drop rank you can still get attacked by people around your strength level. There are now a couple hidden "strength" variables attached to your account to help match you in addition to your displayed trophy. At the beginning things will be a little crazy as the system rebalances itself, but after that we expect it'll provide a better matchmaking experience at all levels. Remember, you can get better battle chests for doing battles at higher ranks!

    As always, let us know your feedback and anything you want clarified.