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  • Mega Update Released!

    Hey all,

    You may have noticed.... the update you've all been waiting for is finally here!

    There's a ton of stuff in this release and we're going to do our best to cover it all in one post.

    First off comes our game-changing Champion Update. Starting with this update, all Champions can dash to reposition themselves on the battlefield. No more need to watch Valeon attack every single wall in the base! Dash has a cooldown that decreases as your Champion reaches higher star levels.

    Along with Dashing, many Champions now have targeted abilities. Celeste, Tempest, Raven, Furia, Aeria, and Blackheart can all aim their abilities. Freeze those Towers, Charm those Reavers, and Roast those Rangers on your way to victory!

    Being able to target your abilities makes certain Champions significantly more powerful than they were before, so our designers have done some rebalancing of base Champion stats to reward good uses of Dash and Targeting. They've also done some awesome work making bigger distinctions in the base stats of Common, Rare, and Epic Champions. The in-game Champion Info page has gotten a facelift of its own to help show off these differences.

    Next is Daily Chests which is a feature we've teased a couple times now. You earn chests for logging in, completing daily goals, and winning battles as the primary attacker. These chests can contain anything from gems to shards to full Champions and should definitely help everyone grow their Champion roster.

    Third on the list for this client is something we haven't talked about before, an analytical overhaul of the Battle Replay System. Now you can see what your opponents were packing throughout the battle and who was on the field at any given time. We even added a Record button so you can easily cast replays to share your analysis or just straight up brag.

    A bunch of buildings also got updated, here are the highlights:

    Freeze Tower

    - Now applies a Freeze-Stun instead of a Freeze-Snare (Units will no longer be able to attack while frozen by this tower)

    - Much more powerful, but charges up over time similar to the Tempest Tower

    Guardian Tower/Castle

    - Takes less damage from Champions

    - Gains attack speed with each shot that targets the same unit

    - Prioritizes Champions that are attacking the building

    Arc Tower

    - Now gains additional beams as it levels up

    - Starts with a lower base damage but ramps up faster

    Tempest Tower

    - After initial target, bounces to random units instead of prioritizing high health units

    SiegeBreaker Tower

    - 3x the damage, but a 40% decrease to attack speed

    - Now homes in on targets

    Alliance Hall and Champion Hall

    - Take less damage from Champions

    Projectile speed increased on Castle, Guardian Tower, SkyGuard Tower

    And Troops were touched a bit as well:


    - Now attack units if they can find no path to the Castle

    Beast Damage Upgrade

    - Changed to be a flat bonus instead of a percentage

    -- Note: The percentage amount was not working correctly before and in some cases could result in doing less damage than it should.


    - Fixed an infrequent bug that caused ballista to miss the first units in a volley


    - The local stables are empty. Knights have turned to training and riding powerful wolves into battle.


    - Valkyrie wings have been simplified for more battlefield visibility.

    Projectile speed increased for Ranger and Ballista

    We've also added the ability to mute other players from their profile, and the ability to control how often you get notifications on your phone in your settings.


    It's safe to say: "Welcome to a whole new Guardian Kingdoms."

    We're super excited to hear your feedback and see what new strategies you find. Because of the breadth of the changes, we're also on the lookout for any potential issues. If you see spazzy AI, glitching graphics, or experience something that just seems a little off, please reach out to the support team so they can pass it onto our devs and designers to address.

    Check out the App Store to download the update and, as always, keep on battlin!