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Update Preview: 8/2 New Daily Chests 101

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  • Update Preview: 8/2 New Daily Chests 101

    New Daily Chests!

    Update Preview: 8/2 Daily Chests
    Treat Yourself!

    Greetings Guardians! As we mentioned in the previous Patch Update, Daily Chests are arriving in the next update. We’ll do a more detailed breakdown when the update is live, but wanted to give an expanded view on what you can expect as we get closer to the release! Here's a brief rundown of the types of Daily Chests:

    This has a chance to drop after winning a PvP battle you initiated. As Maximus mentioned earlier we're working on incentivizing climbing the ranks, and this chest factors into that push. There’s a wide array of possible rewards, and this chest has some serious loot available to drop. The higher League you are in, the better your chances of getting something to write home about.

    Part of the incoming update is an expansion of the Achievements system. We’re adding a roster of Daily Goals that will reward loot and XP for each completed goal before the day is out, with a fresh set appearing the next day. The Goals Chest is a bonus reward you can earn daily by completing all of the Daily Goals on your list.

    Once per 24 hours, this chest will appear with a chance for different types of loot. All you have to do is log in and collect it!

    Note that these free chests don’t stack; once they’re live, make sure to visit your Kingdom daily to get your Daily Chests! Stay tuned for more news on the update - it's Coming Soon™!

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