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Ranked 1v1 Season 4: Enchantress Week

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  • Ranked 1v1 Season 4: Enchantress Week

    Greetings Guardians!

    Season 3 of Ranked 1v1 has ended! Your prizes have been distributed, and we'll be starting Season 4 tonight at 9:30 PM PST! Note that Daylight Savings Time for those affected by it may now be playing 1v1 an hour later. This week is Enchantress Week, and the free hero for the week is Blackheart. This cunning enchantress can control enemy units with the aid of her familiar. She can be fragile though, so be careful when using her in the front lines!

    This season, the bonus for winning a battle has been raised from 2x to 4x points in order to better rank player strength and match players with others at their level.

    As always, thank you for all your support and feedback, and battle on!

    - GK_Valeon

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    After 5 battles, f#€k you very much and your broken matchmaking system. Congratulations, you have managed to completely killed an entire server.

    From my experience, these developers don't care about the longevity of their product: it's all about the short-term spenders and to heck with the long-term players. You can clearly see they have no intention of encouraging players to stick around: the average person changes device once or twice per year. And to this date, they have no system in place for you to save/transfer your account to a new device, that speaks volume of their cash-grab intention.

    They have no real balance in the game with lvl 40+ with max troops vs a new player on a server which couldnt even level their troops until this year after I exposed their scam on android.

    It's so effing sad that a semi-decent concept of a game fell into the hands of such sheety developers. They have manged to completely make the game un-fun.

    Congratulations developers, you've killed the game. What's next? Lvl 10 vs lvl 40?
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    • Mad Mik
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      I am. A g r e e

    • buntychauhan
      buntychauhan commented
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      quit this game play castle clash

    • Sborder77
      Sborder77 commented
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      Yea the matching is horrible! I’m player lvl 50 but all that means is I’ve trained a lot of troops, my old troops are at least lvl 16, I’ve done a good amount of pvp, and boss farming. I do have 5 maxed troops which includes 2 new troops but been playing since October 2017 and compared with others that started then not that great. Since then I haven’t even hit $8 in spending so no maxed reavers I’ve gotten matched with the ranked #2 player in cata at least a few times. It not only matches across realms but also mixes ranked with unranked. Would be nice if the matching for 1v1 took into account forge upgrades

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    i dont like your event and hire hero system fully waste and event not fair battles strong plyers awlys battle with me i dont like this waste