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Ranked 1v1: Season 3 and Updates

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  • Ranked 1v1: Season 3 and Updates

    Greetings Guardians!

    Season 2 of Ranked 1v1 has ended! Your prizes have been distributed, and we'll be starting Season 3 tonight at 8:30 PM PST! This week is Mage Week, and the free hero for the week is Shadowmancer. This powerful mage summons units from beyond the grave– be careful using him however, since he won't be able to summon anything if you haven't suffered any casualties in the battle. Don't waste his ultimate at the very beginning of the battle!


    After some feedback from the players, we'll be introducing some minor changes for how rank tokens distribute in the game beginning Season 3 tonight. You'll receive 1 rank token at the beginning of each ranked play time slot as long as you are holding below the maximum of 8 rank tokens. Similarly, your purchased token count will refresh 2 time slots (~12 hours) after your last purchase. We're also shifting the time slots half an hour later in order to avoid conflicts with Alliance Wars. They will now be at: 2:30 AM, 8:30 AM, 2:30 PM, and 8:30 PM PST.

    We'll also be releasing pickup Alliance Wars this weekend for new players! All players Castle 6 and below will be able to participate in quick pickup games of AvA anytime by tapping on relevant button in the Fight menu, regardless of whether you're in an alliance. You'll be added to a team on the fly and be able to fight right away. These will not count towards any leaderboard, and are a good way for newer players in less active alliances to practice playing Alliance Wars.

    If you're in an alliance that is matched for seasonal Alliance Wars, the seasonal alliance war will take precedence. During your alliance's time slot, your pickup game option will be replaced with your alliance's war.

    As always, thank you for all your support and feedback, and battle on!

    - GK_Valeon