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  • 1v1 Ranked Season 2

    Greetings Guardians!

    Thank you all for participating in Season 1 of Ranked 1v1! Now that the season is over, you'll receive your rewards and you'll be moved up or down to the next league. There was a bug for players who earned Super Chests and attempted to collect their rewards in the first half hour after the season ended– the bug has been patched now, but if you find yourself missing rewards, please drop us a message at Support and let us know!

    The next season will being tonight at 8 PM PST– this week's theme will be Tank Champions, and everyone will have a free copy of Deathbringer to play in Ranked! One of the most frequent player requests was for access to more Ranked tokens, so this season, players will be allowed to buy up to two rank tokens per day! They will recharge once every 12 hours– if you buy one rank token, you'll be able to buy another one 12 hours afterwards. This will allow players to catch up later in the week if you miss a few battles in between.

    For those who missed last week's 1v1, or are new to the game, check out the rules for 1v1 over here!

    To clear up some confusion on the normal recharge rate of rank tokens, you will gain one every 6 hours as long as you aren't at your max of 8/8 tokens, but this is not necessarily at the beginning of every ranked time slot. If you're out of tokens, tapping on the rank menu again will show you how long you have to wait until your next token.

    We have patched several bugs that were reported– champion skins are now usable in 1v1 and the champion dashing issue has been resolved. We are aware of an issue with skinned heroes in AvA, and devs are working to get a fix for that out soon. If you continue encountering any issues, please let us know in Support!

    We appreciate all the feedback you've given us– it's been extremely valuable to us as we identify potential issues and continue working on improving the feature. Thanks for your support, and, as always, battle on!

    - GK_Valeon

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    This 1v1 is awesome. But most of the times I get either too strong opponent or either too weak from Gaia. Also, try to bring out some more heros like a hero every month and an event along with for that hero. This game will be then more interesting. And please make some way to hire heroes like nexa. It seems we ain't getting it in this life. Come on man we're f2p players. Thanks
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