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New Feature Release: Ranked 1v1 & Spells

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    I have an issue. When I log on my heroes are not maxed Star. And my titans are not maxed either. Plz fix this haha


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      Also, can we please have a separate 1v1 base and normal base? Completely different strategies when it’s just valeria defending.


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        There needs to be a second base layout for 1v1 mode only.

        In 1v1 it is important to protect guardian towers, farms and, currently, having to edit our main base, we get our resources, star metal specifically, exposed to normal plunder attacks.

        Please implement 1v1 base layout.


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          Greetings Guardians!

          We received a lot of support tickets regarding the hero dashing bug, and we've just released a patch that should improve most of the problems you're experiencing. If you continue experiencing this or other issues, please write in to support with a replay code– we will keep investigating and improving on this feature.

          Thank you for your patience, and battle on!

          - GK_Valeon


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            Hi Valeon,

            I put in a ticket to support but here’s a replay code where it happened to Rag with about 2:56 left in the match: amqw8k3. Incidentally, immediately after it happens my entire base gets leveled, all the buildings die at the same time. I’ve seen that in a couple replays, is that a bug or a spell? And if it’s a spell, it’s broken.

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          Hey, I want to ask for you devs to make it fair for the Gaia realm during ranked attacks and defence. Our troop upgrades run on troop shards so we end up going against high-level troops that we cannot kill. lvl 8 archer (me) vs lvl 31 archer (enemy). Now guess who is going to win? please make it fair, make it a global lvl for troops so each troop have the same stats? or make it so our troop shards upgrade buff the troop more so they are equal to the lvl 31 of other realms? Please account of this feedback


          • GK_Valeon
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            Hey there! For the Gaia realm, the units actually have the same stats as they do across the other realms. The leveling system displays different numbers because in Destiny and Cataclysm, some units have to level their health, attack, armor, beast damage, etc separately in smaller increments, and each of these gives a "level."

            On Gaia, these are combined, and there are less total levels. Your level 8 archers have the same stats as a level 16 Destiny or Cataclysm archer. Level 9-13 contribute higher increases in total stats, and the max stats for units are the same across all realms.

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          Im so tired of this broken match making...under which circumstances is this a fair match-up for 1v1? A lvl 21 player continuosly getting steamrolled by people twice the levels. Im so done with this. I literally fought the same guy 4 times in a row and there is not a damn thing I can do. At this point it's no longer about skilled, it's about who spent the most: whether it be time or money. Completely broken, I don't even have any word for this cức of developers.

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