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  • In Progress Battles Disappearing

    Anyone else having boss battles and pvp battles just disappearing out of the current battles window so that you're unable to go back to a boss or battle that you left? I left my own attack for a second and then couldn't find it and lost the fight, not to mention it's pretty much impossible to one-shot Ragnaros so now he's not killable until this is fixed...

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    No issues in cata but haven’t manually boss farmed much recently. I have had issues in destiny where I open a boss like dragon to do later and then he is gone. I thought maybe it needed me to use energy to actually drop troops but that’s the whole reason I open it only. At the end of the night I drop on manual bosses with extra energy and don’t want the 2 hour cool off. As for pvp not an issue with rejoining from what I’ve seen but I did notice in the past week notball my battles are showing in the log for destiny. Haven’t noticed the same issue in cata.