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    Greetings Guardians!

    Last night, there was an error in our Alliance Wars matchmaking that prevented the war from beginning. The issue has now been resolved and will not occur again, but unfortunately this means both time slots for Wednesday, November 7th will be cancelled. We will not be extending the season– December 30th will be the last war, and the season will officially end on January 1st, 2019. However, we'll be compensating participants tomorrow, so be on the lookout for a message in your mail tab. Thank you for all of your patience.

    Our 8 new units will also soon be released to all players! For those of you who missed these previews in the announcements, check them out now!

    Titans: These behemoths will target defensive structures, using their massive hammers to demolish any towers standing before them.

    Frost Mages: These Valkyrian Magesmiths with hands of frost send out frozen blasts that can penetrate through enemy armor and instantly wipe out pesky little flying scorchlings.

    Scorchlings: These cute little balls of fire will burn buildings down and swarm onto their enemies, but beware of ice and frost attacks!

    Blast Tanks: These massive artillery tanks can be used at immense ranges and rain fire and lead down upon waves of enemies.

    Storm Riders: These Valkyrians have sworn to protect the lands at all costs. They fly upon mounts and channel the power of the storms into devastating blasts of energy, making it clear to all that they rule the skies.

    Boom Bots: Tick...tick...BOOM. The boom bot is a ticking time bomb wrapped inside a mechanical golem. Better kill it before it destroys everything in its blast!

    Dragons: These ancient battle dragons were bred for war, and even a single one can lay waste to massive armies and towers.

    Chaos Hunters: These legendary hunters travel far for the largest monsters and the biggest game. Once they find their target, there's no escape from their deadly aim.

    As always, battle on!

    - GK_Valeon