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    Game developers need to change the normal attacks back to normal, this excessive dropping of base troops is stupid annoying and it is affecting my game play. Also there doesn’t seem to be a way around this problem since kiting no longer work since I have tested it many time and have lost most of the battles. Also there was no announcement stating this change which make it even more stupid and a bad part on the developer’s side.

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    I totally agree. There was no need for this update. No had asked for it nor have I seen player complain about it. It’s time to do what has been asked from the beginning BASE EDITOR!!!! It’s about time we get that instead of new troops or base.


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      Agree, im FREAKING HAPPY if a real player defs the base cause its MORE HEAVY to win vs goddamn bots, its ridiculous, 3 champs spawn on enemy side, i mean wtf? I SHOULE BE EASIER TO WIN VS BOTS INSTEAD OF HEAVIER, what are the devs drinking? Loosing my mind here