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Realm Merge & Alliance Wars Season 3

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  • Realm Merge & Alliance Wars Season 3

    Greetings Guardians!

    The team has looked carefully into your feedback and we have decided to merge the Echoes, Fate, and Destiny realms together. Later today, on Monday October 15th, the realm merge will take place. As you are being migrated, you may encounter a few matchmaking inconsistencies, but these should resolve themselves quickly. The leaderboards updates will be delayed throughout the day.

    By the end of today, both Echoes and Fate will become part of the Destiny realm. On Wednesday October 17th PST, the first war in Season 3 of Alliance Wars will begin! Prizes will be announced shortly. Season 3 will last from 10/18/2018 - 1/1/2019. Start preparing your alliances for battle!

    As always, battle on!

    - GK_Valeon

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    I'm sick and tired of 1.5hr wars 2x a week for 2 months. Yet another season same stuff.


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      This is great, we love being farmed by level 9 heroes and troops that at 10 levels above us


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        wtf.destiny players almost max troops and just let echoes and fate players being farmed.we cant attack destiny players.we were too busy defending each other.we might just quit playing.its very unfair.destiny players started months or a year before us


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          Those are the WHALES and they are all in one same alliance,doesnt matter if they started few months earlier or started later than you, because they just gemmed up everything, you wont beable to reach that "level" in a year without spending.


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            Really wish you would listen to what seems to be the majority regarding two wars per week. It’s too much. Change it . One war only in weekend please.
            Also not all in destiny are whales. Just like every other realm or game even, there will be a few whales. It’s frustrating​​​​​. I think you will find other than the top 2 or 3 that we are all just like you. We play and we try to upgrade as often as we can. We don’t all gem like crazy. Don’t be discouraged. K worry what whales are being introduced in this merge. We just need to di the best we can. My opinion. Those whale teams are unstable. You will see many coming and going. There is something to be said for sticking together as a team to get thru the seasons. Loyalty , work together


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              Destiny players got level 30+ troops.many already have nexa, phoenix, reign and ragnarok.echoes and fate players dont have that.should merge fate and echoes only


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                Even if we exclude the whales, destiny players in general have higher level troops.