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Where the hell are the rewards!?!

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  • Where the hell are the rewards!?!

    It's now the 2nd of October and we still haven't gotten are rewards! Season ended at 3AM est so what the excuse for us not getting what belongs to us!?
    mostly everyone voted not to extend the season so dont dare say your extending it cause then your literally going against the player base.

    It's already bad enough the 1st place shares almost the same exact rewards as the top 10 even though there's a huge gap in player skill, games played, and overall statistics.
    now were not even getting it at all. And of course no communication from the dev's besides when ya implement a new cash grab event. So wtf is going on?!

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    Darth has a point. Rewards should have been given out already. No one wants an extended war, even after the outages. I am still waiting for the devs to respond to an error ticket I put in weeks ago and I've spent a lot of money on the game. If you guys need help or something you can definitely afford it. Some communication is better than none. It's honestly a very poor way to run the game if you want people to keep coming back. No one is going to want to play a dead game and definitely not a game that has players hating the devs. You need better patch notes and explanations on half the features in the game as well.


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      It's a little disingenuous to say "no one" wants an extended war season just because you don't, when nearly 20% of the people who voted in the poll voted for an extension.


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        There will be a forum update coming soon, but Season 2 of Alliance Wars has officially concluded! There was no extension, and prizes will be distributed later this week along with the release of the new hero, Vanquish.

        - GK_Valeon


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          Thank you for some clarity GK_Valeon! Any communication is way better than none!