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  • Event: Firestorm Night

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    UPDATE: All prizes have been distributed! The alliance leaderboard for each realm is (emojis stripped from alliance names due to forum formatting):

    First: 中战·岩泉
    Second: 台灣
    Third: DEATH STAR
    Fourth: 涅槃
    Fifth: 无双城
    Six: Got Nutz
    Seven: Vigilantes Braves
    Eight: 中战·皓月
    Nine: 精武门
    Ten: 野战丶弑神

    First: vietnam
    Second: DrunkenBunnyBonc
    Third: StBlaze
    Fourth: Monkey Warfare
    Fifth: Thai Random
    Six: Summer is Coming
    Seven: DragonEmpire
    Eight: ELITE FORCE
    Nine: U.S.A

    First: RedDevilS
    Second: Legendary Apocalypse
    Third: French Killection
    Fourth: Fluffy bunny squad
    Fifth: Black Flag
    Six: Blood for Blood
    Seven: Ancient Caliphate
    Eight: UMBRELLA
    Ten: TrueGamers

    First: WinterFell
    Second: Brotherhood
    Third: Meow Mansion
    Fourth: DAMOCLES
    Fifth: -Sk-
    Six: Syndicate
    Seven: The Wolf Hunters
    Eight: naga(spidy)
    Nine: The Hive
    Ten: Dreadnaughts


    Welcome to the Firestorm Night Event! In this event, you’ll be collecting and crafting different items in your Builder's Hut for event points. Your goal is to craft as many Golden Fox tokens as you can in order to summon the epic Saya, the Firestorm Fox.

    Note that for this event, the leaderboard score updates are slightly delayed. The leaderboard may not immediately update with your current score.

    Players will collect 4 different types of gemstones from 7-Second PVP Chests, Boss Chests, Daily Chests, and Tavern Chests. These are the Firestorm Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, and Topaz. Collecting these will give players 1 point per gemstone!

    Click image for larger version

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    But watch out, because these items are stealable in battle– you can raid your enemies for items, and they can steal yours too! Hitting players at higher ranks will allow you to steal more and better items! Attackers that destroy the castle have a chance of stealing each available gemstone in the defender's inventory. You'll know when a player has stealable items when you see this message on their base:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_354.png
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    You can combine any 3 of these in your Builder's Hut to form a spirit animal card– this will give you 25 points per cardimmediately, and these have a lower chance of being stolen in battle by enemies!

    5 Emeralds + 5 Sapphires + 5 Rubies = 5 Sun Spirits (+125 Points)
    5 Topaz + 5 Sapphires + 5 Rubies = 5 Viridian Spirits (+125 Points)
    5 Emeralds + 5 Sapphires + 5 Topaz = 5 Crimson Spirits (+125 Points)
    5 Emeralds + 5 Rubies + 5 Topaz = 5 Azure Spirits (+125 Points)

    If you combine these in a bonus bulk recipe (using 10 of each item), you’ll get 50 bonus points + bonus item! The bonus points will stay even if your spirit animals are stolen by other players (you suffer a -25 penalty every time a card is stolen from you).

    10 Emeralds + 10 Sapphires + 10 Rubies = 11 Sun Spirits (+325 Points)
    10 Topaz + 10 Sapphires + 10 Rubies = 11 Viridian Spirits (+325 Points)
    10 Emeralds + 10 Sapphires + 10 Topaz = 11 Crimson Spirits (+325 Points)
    10 Emeralds + 10 Rubies + 10 Topaz = 11 Azure Spirits (+325 Points)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_352.png
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ID:	2798
    Once obtained, you can combine the spirit animal card with its corresponding gem color to craft the Golden Fox token, worth 100 points a piece. Once crafted, Golden Fox tokens are unstealable, and net a hefty amount of points.

    5 Viridian Spirits + 5 Emeralds = 5 Golden Foxes (+500 Points)
    5 Azure Spirits + 5 Sapphires = 5 Golden Foxes (+500 Points)
    5 Crimson Spirits + 5 Rubies = 5 Golden Foxes (+500 Points)
    5 Sun Spirits + 5 Topaz = 5 Golden Foxes (+500 Points)

    Like the spirit animal card recipes, you can craft Golden Fox tokens in bulk for a 200 point bonus + bonus Golden Fox!

    10 Viridian Spirits + 10 Emeralds = 11 Golden Foxes (+1300 Points)
    10 Azure Spirits + 10 Sapphires = 11 Golden Foxes (+1300 Points)
    10 Crimson Spirits + 10 Rubies = 11 Golden Foxes (+1300 Points)
    10 Sun Spirits + 10 Topaz = 11 Golden Foxes (+1300 Points)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_353.png
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ID:	2802

    Alliance Prizes
    1st Place Alliance: Giant All Events Chest (AEC)
    2nd Place Alliance: Small AEC

    Ranked Prizes (Do Not Stack)
    1st Place: 3* Saya, **Legendary 5x Ultimate Chest, 15 Epic Fusion Crystals
    2-10: 3* Saya, 10 Epic Fusion Crystals
    11-20: 2* Saya, 5 Epic Fusion Crystals
    21-50: 50 Saya Shards, Big AEC, 2 Epic Fusion Crystals
    51-200: Big AEC, 1 Epic Fusion Crystal, Overlord Super Chest
    201-500: Small AEC

    Point Tier Prizes (Stacks)
    Tier I (40000 Points): 1 Legends Ultimate Chest, Big AEC
    Tier II (30000): 1 Legends Mega Chest, Small AEC, 2 Epic Fusion Crystals
    Tier III (20000 Points): 10 Random Shards, 5 Common Fusion Crystals + 100 Star Crystals
    Tier IV (15000 Points): 10 Random Shards, 500k Wood + Gold, 50 Star Crystals

    *All Event Chests: AECs are chests which drop previously exclusive event heroes. Currently, the chest contains only Revenant and Nexa shards. Small AECs contain 10 shards, Big AECs contain 30 shards, and Giant AECs contain 40 shards.

    **Legendary 5x Ultimate Chest is an Ultimate Chest that drops legendary shards at 5x the usual rate. All legendary heroes included.
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    Bug: I just kill earth elemental and get 2 ruby but the pts didn't goes up...... and yes I didn't get raided........ so in my inventory I have 15 firestorm gems but my pts is still 13........

    Edited: fixed, it was delayed thx
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      Very veryvery


      • Anu
        Anu commented
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        This is good

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      Nice game and fantastic event


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        Gooooooooooood game


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          More bug in event. My score 792 but after craft viridian spirit credit I don't receive any points. My score still 792 can you tell me why


          • #7
            Hi. You didnt exagerated with tier points for participation? Cause 40k its quite ridiculous unless you have a yacht. These points will be a challange even for richest ppl.


            • Genka
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              Totally agree with that comment. In my realm, we have 1 tier 3, 1 tier 4 and all the others are under tier 4... time to rethink the tier limit I guess

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            I hate this event. I am playing constantly, but every time I am close to making something I get attacked and they take half my supply. Unless you are willing to pay this event is pointless. Completely disappointed.


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              Lmao stop crying about it. I played hard for one day and am rank 137


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                Any ETA on the rewards?


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                  Originally posted by Mattmal View Post
                  Lmao stop crying about it. I played hard for one day and am rank 137
                  only players 1-13 got tier 1 or 2 that’s a huge problem compared to the other events. The player who is number 100 didn’t even get tier 1.


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                    Very true bro