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Minor Patch Roundup 8/30 & Star Metal Guide

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  • Minor Patch Roundup 8/30 & Star Metal Guide

    Greetings Guardians!

    We have a minor patch rolling out today!

    - Alliances can send recruit messages every 6 hours (reduced from 12 hours)
    - Increase stealable resources cap at higher castle levels

    We've also received several questions regarding Castle 11 and Star Metal. Star Metal is a precious resource that is used for Castle 11 and other building upgrades. It can be obtained in 3 ways:

    1. It can be crafted in the Foundry building using resources and Star Metal Ore items.
    2. The Ragnos boss can drop Star Metal.
    3. You can steal Star Metal from other players' bases. This Star Metal is stored in their Foundries and their Castle.

    Star Metal Ore is an item you can use to craft buildings. You can only hold 8 Ores at any one time in your inventory, and must use up your ore before you'll be able to obtain more. These ores will only drop if you are player level 30+ and castle level 10+.

    1. From the 7-Second PvP battle chests. These small chests drop in between the larger battle chests and unlock in 7 seconds. You can get up to 15 per day (20 battle chests total including your 5 usual battle chests). These drop for everyone, but they will only drop Star Metal Ore if you're level 30+ and C10+.
    2. As rewards from certain Epic and Legendary Tavern quests.
    3. In the Ragnos boss chest.

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    If season 2 starts on 7/21 why would you not start recording wins and losses from that start date? Perhaps you should have just said season 2 starts 7/28. And because wins and losses were not recorded we will re match with some we have matched before 7/28?