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In Regards to the Nexa Event

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  • In Regards to the Nexa Event

    Greetings Guardians,

    We understand that there recently was an event run for players in China where Nexa shards were received as rewards.

    We work with a Chinese publishing partner for the Chinese version of Guardian Kingdoms. Unfortunately, they did not receive approval from us before they began this event and distributed rewards. As a result, several players received Nexa shards as rewards - we stopped this immediately upon finding out.

    Additionally, we have decided to remove all Nexa shard prizes. It was never our intention to offer Nexa shards as rewards and it is also unfair to the entire player base. Players who received Nexa shards have already been notified and the Nexa shards have been removed as of today.

    In order to ensure this does not happen again, we’ve spoken tersely to our Chinese publisher about how this is unacceptable. They have apologized to us and ensured us that this will not happen again.

    We apologize for this and wanted to let you guys know exactly what happened and what actions took place afterwards.

    Thank you for your understanding, and battle on!

    - GK_Valeon