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Special Promotions: Summer Splash!

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  • Special Promotions: Summer Splash!

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    Greetings Guardians!

    Welcome to the GK Summer Splash! A few of our heroes have decided to take a quick vacation, spending some time lounging on a beach.

    Our summer crew of Serra: Unicorn, Falcon: Lifeguard, Valeria: Dancer, Tempest: Surfer, and Gairm: Monster of the Deep will be featured in upcoming promos, so look out for them! Each of them looks fantastic and has a small stats boost that can aid you in your battles.

    You'll need to collect them all to unlock exclusive Blackheart: Queen of the Beach offers at the end of our Summer Splash! The Blackheart skin will free for all players that own the other skins in the set. Players that own the set will also unlock special promos for the Blackheart hero.

    These skins will not be available for regular gem purchase, but may return for future events or promotions.

    Hope all of you are having a great summer, and as always, battle on!

    - GK_Valeon

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    Si pagas eres mas fuerte


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      Is there some freemium way to earn these in game or have them drop from boxes or is the only answer to spend $125 per skin? Assuming 5 skins to the set at the same price as the unicorn pack thats $625.00 just to unlock the last skin. Seems kind of insane, no?

      Many other games have summer events where you can earn these kinds of rewards by doing activities in game. This gives your established player base something to do that is new and interesting. It would help retain membership by giving people a reason to play.
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