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Horrendous Lag for Weeks

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  • Horrendous Lag for Weeks

    is anything being done to address the lag that’s been going on for weeks in multiplayer battles? I’ve been good Solo but anytime an ally joins or I join an ally attack it’s absolutely horrendous. It lags so bad that I often have to leave the game and rejoin and even that’s just a temporary fix. Others in my alliance are experiencing the same thing and I can’t imagine we’re the only ones.

    Please advise.

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    Random idea. Have you checked the App Store to make sure you are running the current version of GK? Would also check to make sure everyone has the most up to date Operating System for their device. I have noticed lag at times and follow the exact method you described above. However I have not been experiencing horrible lag recently.


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      Hey Nova. Thanks for the response. Yes, my version is updated. The iOS version could be an issue but it seems like it’s also happening to my android buddies.


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        I noticed a great deal of lag last night on my iPhone using cell service. It made the match almost unplayable. The battle was a 3v3 against NuTz so there was a lot of action on the field. Afterwards I switched over to my iPad and used the wifi. I have yet to experience lag on the iPad. Do you believe that this huge lag issue could be hardware related? Or required connection speeds?

        Wondering what scenarios you are experiencing the issues on? Device? Connection?