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    Is there any place to go to find explanation of new features such as this tavern? I feel like the mention of the tavern and fusion to be not very in depth. Would like somewhere to go read about all the features.
    Is this the only place to go to find answers to these questions ?

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    Best place you can go is the general tab and look at the top. Gives brief details about the new features but nothing in depth. Here is what I know...

    Tavern - Use your heroes and units to go on quest. As you complete quest you slowly upgrade your tavern. Upgrading the tavern seems to unlock more possible quest daily which require more troops and heroes to complete mission for higher resource rewards. There are three tiers of quest: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary Quest. Legendary quest do give out Legendary shards. The higher tier quest require higher star level heroes. Each quest requires a specific type of hero. There seems to be three different criteria for these heroes. Star level, hero type, and rarity. Star level is the number in the top left corner. Hero type can be seen in the Champ Hall when you click on a hero to see its details. Hero types: Ranger, Mage, Assassin, Fighter, Tank, Enchantress, Healer. Rarity is the quality of hero (e.g. Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary). You must meet all criteria in order to complete the quest. Note that you also have to have troop supply and the appropriate level of upgrades in the forge as well.

    Fusion - Allows players to transfer hero shards from one hero to another. You will need fusion crystal and extra hero shards of the same rarity to transfer to your hero of choice. Click on the hero which you want to transfer the hero shards. Click fusion in bottom right. Select the hero which has extra shards that you want to transfer. Click fusion and it should work. Please note that fusion does not come at a cost. You will use more shards than you gain for the new hero. Conversion rates are 1 gained/3 lost for common and rare heroes and 1 gained/2 lost for epic heroes.

    Take all of this information with a grain of salt. I am just a player and could be wrong. Hope it helps.


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      Sorry, never thanked you for your reply. Thanks