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    Sadly live streaming on the same device is currently unavailable directly using iOS devices. I have very limited streaming equipment (iPhone and iPad) but might be able to something put up in time for the AvA (DS vs Nutz) tonight. Don't know how good the quality will be but its the best I can do...

    DS vs Nutz

    Link for stream:

    I will attempt to start it up around 9:45 pm EST. If its not up then I failed miserably and will attempt again at a later date.

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    Replay Link of the war:

    Will let everyone know if I am streaming again in this thread. GG Nutz...Hard well fought. Score doesn't explain how down to the wire the game really was...
    DS 70 pts vs GotNutz 30 pts


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      June 6, 2018 @ 10:00 pm EST (Second AvA War Time Slot)

      DS vs Nuthouse

      Link for Stream:

      Will be signing on a little early for some prewar activities. Hope to see you there!