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    First off, great job overall! That was a ton of fun and just super wild. It was great having most of our guys on and going at it on a variety of different maps. I can see a lot of effort went into creating the Alliance Wars and it adds a completely different element to the game. Honestly, I'm thinking of revising my review of the game on the app store to make it more positive.

    - Doesn't take away from normal resources or army
    - Real time attacks and defends vs real people, not bots
    - Creative base layouts and concepts with bonuses for taking out specific areas
    - I thought the gold/timer mechanic was great
    - Leader boards and final score screen is cool
    - I like that it shows how many guys are active for each alliance on the main screen
    - I like how everyone gets a reward for being a part of the war, whether they win or lose. It stays fun and becomes a matter of bragging rights.

    - Timing... the time worked for me and most of our allies, but some were asleep and I felt really bad for them. They contributed a ton to the alliance but weren't able to enjoy the war. At the very least, it would've been good if the developers told us exactly what time the war would start and for exactly how long it would last. We were confused up until the start of the war. Maybe have two rounds throughout the day? One every 12 hours?
    - Can you make it so we can chat on the war screen? It was a bit tough having to chat in either a battle or your main home screen
    - Can you add battle emotes for your allies? Primarily the Kite emote.
    - I think this is the goal, but can you please open it up to ALL alliances? Or at least top 50? Maybe make the rewards scaling between 1-5, 6-20, 21-50?
    - More detailed score screen. Maybe just add number of troops deployed and killed? And structures destroyed? I imagine it would be too difficult to show exactly what units were sent/killed
    - Any way to add a replay screen? And the ability to share the replay? I imagine it would be tough since it covers a potentially 2 hour time frame...
    - Can we have a few other "saved" base layouts? Possibly one for alliance wars and one for normal base layout?
    - can the winners be posted somewhere? Maybe with statistics?

    What's the +gold thing? Is that gold per second?
    How did you choose the 1v1 base? That one felt random.
    What happens in the event of a tie?
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    Awesome feedback! I just wish I was able to be part of it too. Feeling left behind on that