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Valeon skin armor bonus?

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  • Valeon skin armor bonus?

    the new valeon skin gets an additional 5% armor? Are you kidding me? I knew this game was pay to win but you’re not even trying to hide it anymore? Unless you pay money, your valeon will never have the 5% armor bonus. People can drop $$ on speeding up buildings and upgrades but at least non paying players can work towards eventually getting there.

    Unless the new bosses (if they ever get released) drop the new skin valeon shards, that’s super lame.

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    I agree! Seems like all of this is a huge money grab once again. The issue is that f2p people will potentially leave which will make things worse in the end for the game. I mean pay to win vs pay to win doesn’t sound like much fun as it’s just a matter of who paid more and little to do with skill and dedication. Game is getting more and more unbalanced.