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All defensive towers in one group - how well does it perform?

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  • All defensive towers in one group - how well does it perform?

    All of my defensive towers are pooled together into a single block, and all are at the maximum level allowed in the game right now.
    - 7 level 10 crossbows
    - 4 level 10 mortars
    - 2 level 5 freezes
    - 2 level 4 arcs
    - 2 level 4 skyguards
    - 1 level 5 siegebreaker
    - 1 level 3 tempest

    This structure guards my gold storages. The other sides of my castle have essentially no protection, and attackers can easily destroy the castle and get a win. The challenge is seeing if you can get through the superstructure to get all the gold storages.

    So how effective is it?
    How well does it hold up in 0v3 situations, with just Valeria defending for you?

    Against medium strength attackers: It performs great!
    Attackers lose 1353 supply + 9 champions
    Score only 1.3 / 4 gold storages

    Several times attackers have sent 1000+ supply and scored 0 / 4 storages. If you really want to protect something this is about as good as you can get.

    Against MONSTER attackers: Not so good.
    Attackers lose only 321 supply + 2 champions
    Score all 4 / 4 gold storages

    Of course if my troops were stronger it may be a more even match against those monsters, but looking past that I think it's clear the defensive towers alone can't do that much to stop high level troops and champions.
    aka Hideous

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    Good old game breaking, money grabbing unit cap level increase.

    Crazy that they were only max archers. I would bet if they were max irons they would’ve lost even less.


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      Wait, you mean you got attacked by Chinese players with MAX troops. Shocking....


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        Love this posts. I like doing tests to see what if/how effective as well. Thanks for sharing!