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  • Ultra Update Released!

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    Hey all,

    An ULTRA update has arrived! It's what you've all been waiting for, and we're doing our best to cover everything here!

    First off, the LEGENDARY CHAMPION we've been teasing has finally descended! You can find more details about her story and abilities here! She's available NOW in shop and PVP chests!

    ALL your champions are also receiving much due attention. Now they will wreak more havoc on the battlefield than ever before! Champions have become the troop-destroying heroes they have always meant to be. In addition they can now manually walk! Click open locations on the battlefield to have your champion move to that spot. Click on the champion itself to idle them in place! Protect your champions from kiting forevermore! This creates a circular system: Champions kill Troops, Troops kill Turrets and Turrets kill Champions. Overall you will feel Champions have been given a significant bump in power.

    Champion, Troop and Turret Design Changes
    • Champions deal increased damage to walls
    • Champions now walk by tapping on the battlefield
    • Champions now idle by tapping on the champion
    • Champions earn extra energy by attacking
    • Champions can still spawn after the Champion Hall has been destroyed (with a timer penalty)
    • Champion XP gain changed (faster by star rank)
    • Champions now cost 20 supply (but still obey the one champion on field rule)
    • Troops deal significantly less damage to champions
    • Troops deal more damage to turrets
    • Turrets deal more damage to Champions

    The new league rewards we've been teasing are also live now! Each tier and rank has it's own pvp battle chests. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond drop increasing amounts of champion shards. Now having a high battle rank REALLY MATTERS! Conquer your enemies and rise to the top for those awesome diamond ultimate chests!!!

    Entirely new revamped pvp battle chests
    • Earn Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond pvp battle chests depending on tier rank
    • Each chest earned can be of basic, super, mega and ultimate rarity
    • Higher tiered chests will drop epic and even legendary champion shards or even full champions!

    Next up- unequal team bonuses got a completely new rework! Now it is more possible than EVER to defend your mighty base one versus three! Bring the full might of your army with increasing on-field supply advantage when attacking or defending 1v2, 1v3 and 2v3!

    Unequal team advantages
    • 1v3 Can deploy two allies worth of supply in addition to their normal supply
    • 1v2 Can deploy one ally worth of supply in addition to their normal supply
    • 2v3 Can deploy one ally worth of supply split between the two players, in addition to their normal supply
    • Once other players join to equalize teams, the advantages return to normal

    That's not all! There is a TON of new stuff as well ranging from usability, art, game design and new promotion packs!

    New Alliance Features
    • Guild officers/leaders can now invite players through the new search button or from player profiles
    • Players now have a new Invitations tab added to the alliance hall popup
      • Players can accept new invites from other guilds
      • Players can toggle on "ignore all invites" option
      • Players can remove invites
    • Guild officers can now blast their guild invite message onto world chat once a day on the alliance home popup
    • An envelope icon plays over the alliance hall when a new invite is pending
    New Art!
    • Home map has been revamped entirely!
    • All buildings have been updated!
    • Various troops and champions have been visually reworked!
    Further game design changes
    • Farm levels have increased to 12
    • New total max supply is 674
    • Earn a custom chest per castle level (non retroactive)
    • Start battle timer reduced by 60 seconds (starting at 3 minutes)
    • Subsequent Champion deployment timers have changed
    • Barracks speed-up costs have increased to balance out new champion buffs

    Wow that was a lot of stuff! What's next? Alliance wars! More content! AWESOME. ANDROID!!!!

    Check out the App Store to download the update. It has nothing but great stuff to help you crush your enemies!


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    When will the game be adapted to iPhone X format ??


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      Dislike the art in new update. Looks like a kids game now


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        is there a full patch notes? I noticed other changes that are not listed in the post above.


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          The towers and building all look the same regardless of level. Is this intended or will it be fixed?


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            Wtf why is gold rank now at 1900 and diamond at 3,2k? That’s stupid people aren’t even close to it and it only makes us none spenders disadvantaged because we can’t beat max change that back till someone is actually close to 3,2k trophy else awesome update love the controlling and all even tho it’s a bit laggy... update your game more regularly and you will go far


            • #7
              I agree with gab. You charge more on troop gems and blame it on champion training time. Every change u made is for the dollar amount u receive. You are ruining the game


              • #8
                The graphic that comes with the update is really poor, much worse than it was before. That s not the real problem, which is that farming became nearly impossible: you can find only lvl 10 castles with 150k resources at best. Having to farm 11M for un upgrade is insane at this farm rating. Plz do something about it, i don t think im going to play anymore this way, I play since the beginning. Very very unconsistent update.


                • #9
                  I noticed you did a balance update that changed how long the heroes take to revive even if they do nothing CHANGE THAT BACK it’s bs


                  • #10
                    Let’s go trough the little good this update brought which isn’t much: the new heroes and the controlling the rest needs to be back to normal specially the heroes respawn times after that stupid balance update


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                      Keep everything how it is just give us back the old look when it come to the base layout!!! I hate looking at my base now after all the time and money I have put in to this game like $1500 later to have this crap as my base disgusting, guys come on please give me back my Golden heavenly city back please keep the heros and the troops art they look beautiful. but the base layout display is disgusting and I'm thinking of quitting also my brother Zion is too we have spent a little well over 3k between us both and you now have made us regret it change back to the amazing layout you guys had not this clash of clans looking crap I stop playing clash because of this game and now you look like it ..... bad move one one likes the new look the rest of the update I like very well it really balanced things out and made it more fun to attack now not so easy to get a win love it !


                      • #12
                        I like the disadvantage boost and the new heroes (change back the cooldowns tho) else the rest good for trash (rank, batte chests rewards, 3h cooldowns for dropping an hero on the field (not damage taken) new graphics (except the new hero models), lack of available loot on bases) i think you guys fuked up everyone is quitting and I’m losing good friends pls just listen to us and change it back instead of doing balance updates that make it even worse


                        • Tomst1
                          Tomst1 commented
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                          Please undo the backup. Almost no one in my clan is happy to play anymore and some have already deleted the game

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                        We have been experiencing a glitch. A glitch that won't allow you to join an attack or to defend. Thanks


                        • #14
                          What’s the point of having devs if they don’t even have the balls to answer us? -_-


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                            I've watched the update go through and a lot of people blowing up about it mostly about the cool down times for heros being increased the reason thy are increased is because thy are stronger now and harder to kill and u got to giv the low spenders a break can't be an op god by getting all the high heros in the game sory. The graphics suck I agree and I'm ok with everything else. Maybe just tinker with ur game and make it great for everyone that would make it a great game.


                            • Gabriel242
                              Gabriel242 commented
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                              Maybe but they increased the respawn time for not taking damage so I can’t level them up

                            • GK_Maximus
                              GK_Maximus commented
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                              XP gain has been increased by 5X already. We see that heroes live through a fight about 5% of the time. Respawn time was an exploit and it has been fixed. You're not suppose to drop a hero and expect free XP for nothing