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Champion Update: Messenger of the Ancients

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  • Champion Update: Messenger of the Ancients

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    An ancient being who harnesses sophisticated magics far beyond the knowledge and understanding of any Illyrian.

    Once, she and her people raised entire kingdoms into the skies...long before the Valkyrians even took flight.
    Her soul has been reborn over and over throughout millennia, the protector of a long forgotten legacy

    The only given is her name - risen in the form of a resurrected Valkyrian warrior, awash in flames - she is The Phoenix.


    Greetings Guardians!

    Along with our massive game update, a new champion has descended from the skies.

    The Phoenix is the first LEGENDARY champion to join the fray. Reborn in a powerful Valkyrian body, she will burn anything in her path and lead your armies to victory. Her ultimate, Final Flame, will fire a giant, targetable laser, dealing massive damage to any enemies in its path. Her passive, Resurrection, will allow her to revive with full health the first time she dies in battle.

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    She is available in shop and PVP chests, so recruit this powerful champion NOW! Good luck, and battle on!

    - GK_Valeon