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Chest rewards based on trophies?

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  • Chest rewards based on trophies?

    It has been announced that the chest rewards are going to be based off your trophies to incentivize players to reach higher ranks.

    We have seen players in the 200x trophy range getting the 24hr mega chest with 45+ champion shards(presumably the highest reward available) as a battle chest reward so it's not clear why would anyone want to climb higher.

    Could someone please clarify the exact chest reward mechanics so that we finally do know what is the incentive for us there.

    Thank you

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    That's not the top chest. And they will get Mega much less often than folks in the higher tiers.


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      Clarification from a conversation on Discord:

      this may not be true but the way i understand it your pvp rank / league determines the drop rates for chests, with higher rank corresponding to higher chance to obtain the more valueable chest types. but no matter what your rank you have a chance to get any chest type, and when you open a chest of a certain type the contents are independent of your rank.

      That is correct. The chests you earn are uniform. The odds of acquiring the better chests from the Champion Shop are what increases with trophy rank.

      Better rank means better odds at getting the shop chests

      once you HAVE the pvp shop chest, its the same as if you opened it in the store

      NOTE the purple one is NOT a shop chest

      Pvp rank has nothing to do with opening a chest.

      it only matters on getting a chest

      Completing daily achievement, will only grant you an achievement chest that is purple

      Only pvp wins will grant a chance to get the shop chest
      aka Hideous