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Guardian Kingdoms Beginner Tips

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  • Guardian Kingdoms Beginner Tips

    Hello everyone!

    Some tips to help new players get started. I'll try to keep it updated, let me know if you think of anything to add!


    - Save up your red gems to buy that 3rd builder. Single chest roll is risky, you may end up with only hero shards that you can't use.
    - If you're a baller... pick up your 4th, even 5th builders and keep construction running 24/7.
    - Join a real, active alliance ASAP! This game is about strength in numbers, team play is huge.
    - To join an alliance, upgrade your Castle to level 3. Go to Alliance Hall, and you can create a new alliance, or join an existing one.
    - Alliance can defend your base when you're out of troops from a boss battle, or help you take down stronger players.
    - Adventurers/Conquerers/Defenders are noobie alliances, get out of there asap.
    - Up to 3 players per side in each PvP battle. Get your allies to help you farm resources, you minimize your army losses when running a full squad.
    - Place your Alliance Hall and Champion Halls somewhere safe. If they go down in a PvP battle, your team will have a pretty big disadvantage.
    - Same goes for your farms... losing a farm means you and your allies have less supply for defending!
    - Castle lanes unlock in 2 steps. Corner lanes at 5? Side at 7? <<< Don't remember, someone help me out
    - Those forests on your base will unlock for clearing at different castle levels.
    - When you reach castle 8, you will become visible to castle 10 players. Make sure you've cleared your runes and have defenses ready
    - Check out the Wiki for more info!

    PvP tips:

    - PvP is the best way to get gold and wood for your upgrades. You also get some blue crystals, depending on how many enemy units you kill in battle.
    - Get your friends to help you attack and defend. Solo guarantees you will lose most of your army.
    - If you're a lonely ghost and don't have any real friends... there seems to be some sort of small bonus buff to the underdogs, when fighting 1v2, 2v3, and 1v3
    - Take down Guardian Towers to unlock deploy areas, and to extend battle timer.
    - Immortal shields and city walls block ballista shots from hitting additional units. Ballistas shoot through massed units such as Ironguard and Archers
    - The splash damage from Mortar Towers will kill entire groups of Ironguard and Archers. If your swarm gets close enough to the tower though, it can't hit them any more
    - Ballista have extra damage in a straight line if their shots aren't blocked
    - Castles explode (!!!) when destroyed... don't overdeploy if unnecessary, your extra guys might get nuked
    - Valeria will show up to protect undefended cities. If any players have already deployed, she won't appear... If you're on the defending team, and you aren't risking important buildings, you may want to wait until she shows up before dropping your own troops
    - Kill Valeria and her units for some extra blue gems
    - Kite enemy units out of their deploy area, so that they can't drop on top of your squishy ballistas and archers
    - You lose shield when helping your allies attack. There is no notification :0

    - Bosses are the only way to get extra champion shards. Keep fighting bosses to unlock stronger ones for better rewards
    - Farm Dragon until your units are upgraded enough to take on stronger bosses. Jumping ahead means you will lose way too many units, and the boss may flee
    - Your rewards seem to be better if you solo bosses? Someone correct me if I'm wrong

    - Out of the 3 starting champions, my favorite is Valeon because of his shield. You can shield at the right time to counter other champions' ults, or even bubble to protect your expensive units from the castle nuke
    - To get more champion shards, kill the bosses that drop the specific ones you need. Early ones don't drop much, but as the bosses level up and get stronger they will drop more.
    - For early bosses, it is more efficient to solo to maximize your rewards. High level bosses need teamwork to take down.
    - Champion Hall recharges fallen heroes faster when it is upgraded
    - Champion respawn times have gone up with latest patch. Don't waste champions on weak fights if you don't need to!
    - Most champions can hit air units with their ults. Important when you run out of archers.

    - Archers are the best counter for air units. Valkyrie will also counter War Ships, but War Ships can only hit ground units
    - Counter Reaver rushs by stuffing a Ballista in front of castle bridges... fat Reavers can't squeeze by and will just run in circles
    - You can direct drop units on enemies if they push too far past their deploy zones. Use this to kill off archers or ballista after they overextend.
    - On castles with uncleared side lanes, you are vulnerable to kiting. Don't overdeploy your initial wave, keep some units in reserve in case they try to lure your army out
    - Patch notes on forum announcements are pretty useful
    - Baby beeps are really cute
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    Advanced PvP Tips

    - Avoid attacking up in castle level (ie C8 vs C10) unless you are well coordinated or prepared to lose a lot of units. The higher level castle brings its entire supply, while you are restricted by your own lower supply.
    - Counter a direct drop on your units with immortals - they will actually displace your own troops (and enemies) while drawing aggro. This pushes the damaged units out of the way, sometimes it will save them from dying
    - Champions will do the same thing, and a fat tanky champion like Valeon or Deathbringer is pretty useful for this
    - When you need to move your ballista line forward, but they are anchored... drop a champion behind them. As they walk forward they will slide the anchored ballistas forward, so they fire as they creep forward. Your allies can do this too, to nudge up the back line. This is also useful if your ballistas have anchored and are blocking your units from moving up
    - When pushing forward with ballista, make sure you place some immortals first, in case your opponent counterdrops on top of you. Factor in the time it takes for the ballista to drive up, anchor, and then fire
    - Valkyries have minds of their own They will fly off into the most useless corner of the base to attack an enemy wall that upsets them :P Learn the aggro range of the valkyries, to make sure they leash to the enemy units so that they don't fly away
    - If your entire army is stunlocked by Deathbringer's ult... direct drop Valeon in front asap, and ult. He will knock back Deathbringer, and also bubble your army and save the day! You should immediately taunt if you pull this off, because you deserve it
    - Every unit matters, now that supply is capped. Don't waste units needlessly (ie ironguard vs warships/valkyries)
    - Aeria looks useless, but she is decent at slowing down enemy kiting. She can also trap an army of archers while an ally Tyrion blends them all into purple jelly.
    - Coordinate your attacks with your alliance, 3v1 is always better than going solo
    - Do you rush the castle or take a Guardian Tower? Make sure you plan in advance when going up against stronger opponents!

    Warbound's wiki!
    FANDOM wikia!
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      Awesome. Thanks Casper!


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        This is a great guide! Hope you don't mind but I added a link here from the wiki.
        aka Hideous


        • casper
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          Go for it! I can't see your link though...

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        Great work, Casper and Warbound.. very helpful information...


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          Oh wow, thanks Casper! This really helps a lot.


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            Any tips on forging to upgrade your army? Not sure if I should upgrade my ironguard or ranger nor if I should upgrade health or damage first...


            • casper
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              What Warbound said below! The units are situational, so it's nice to start with your favorite ones. For me personally, I started unit damage first, but that's really up to how you like to play

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            Originally posted by monstertop View Post
            Any tips on forging to upgrade your army? Not sure if I should upgrade my ironguard or ranger nor if I should upgrade health or damage first...
            All of the troops are useful - they all have strengths and weaknesses and apply best in different situations. You will want all of it upgraded eventually. Upgrade whatever you use most first.
            aka Hideous


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              Great thread! Thank you for this. How does gold and wood storage work? Is only a certain percentage of your stored resources available for raid?


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                Thanks Dagrandolph! I like this game so hope more people get into it!

                I actually have no idea how the storages work I think it protects % of resources like you said, but I don't know the amounts. Maybe there is more info on the wiki?

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              Thank your for this good beginner guide, very helpful!!


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                Nice advanced tips section


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                  casper can you explain what the opponents we are match with is based on?
                  And also resources awarded? Do we recieve more loot if we are a higher level?


                  • casper
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                    Hi Jacq18!

                    Good question... I think it is a combination of your trophy range + castle level. That's why castle 10 players don't see anyone below castle 8, and so on.

                    It also seems like different trophy tiers can't see each other at all, regardless of castle level.

                    I'm not sure how resources are calculated... it seems like you are rewarded for attacking players around your same castle level or higher? Your tier ranking affects how much bonus you get, those are guaranteed in every win.

                    Does anybody else know?

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                  Great guide! Still stuck on deathbringer though can't seem to crack it....any help would be appreciated


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                    Thanks for posting this guide. It's really helpful