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Best raiding strategy at C8-C10

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  • Best raiding strategy at C8-C10

    Hi guys,

    wondering what hat the best raiding strategy at a high level. What troops mix well going in to take th Guardian tower then going for the castle these days. I'd like to hear from Alliances like Galactic Empire, Grim Citadel, and Gorilla Warfare.

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    Sorry trade secret

    Gorilla Warfare


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        There's three core strats.

        Slow and Steady:
        Warship primary, Ballista ground force, Immortal/Archer support.
        Go for the Guardian Tower or weak side lane to creep to Ally/Hero hall.

        Basically, grind them to dust. You are fighting supply v supply. Mano-e-mano. Only good for guys with coordination and proper support. Massed ballista backed by warship support takes care of most threats. You start to lose ground when they can begin hot dropping footmen/swarm on your army, but massed ballista kill swarmd rops. Warship kills fatty units like heroes and immortals. You are however fighting toe to toe. If they have superior forces, you are going to lose.

        Pros: Stable attack. Guaranteed to kill troops. Easier to coordinate.
        Cons: You are fighting Supply V Supply. Not good at conserving supply. You are giving defenders time to log on and defend. VERY weak to Tempest tower... that thing is ganna murder your air fleet and ballista ball.

        Ima Kite you Right There:
        Reaver primary. Pretty much all Reaver....

        Deploying like 5+ Reavers on opening attack poses an interesting choice for the defense. They have to over commit defense supply to deal with Reaver rushes. Once done, the attacker then focuses on kiting the enemy army off into the corner non stop, then deploying whatever else they want scott-free. This works because Reavers dive bomb buildings- where Slow and Steady method can be easily distracted by deploying a few units. If the defenders play more reserved, Reavers just wreck the base. Giving the enemy half your base before you can deal is a terrible option.

        Pros: Good if you like being a jerk and annoying Defenders to death. Basically denies a fight. Pretty much guaranteed win if the Defenders over commit (which is hard for them NOT to do in this scenario).

        Cons: Need strong Reavers. Gets costly. High supply loss to maintain Kite on enemy forces in a corner. High skill based (kiting and attacking). Prone to team miscommunication- "Kiting to the left!" *ally kites to the right*. Good defenders can stall this by experience and putting *just* enough supply down to defeat it and ensure they don't get kited.

        The Lawn Mower:

        Strong focus on Ironguard/Archer swarm units. Always focused on small bridge Guardian Tower blitzing. Usually you can crush opposition before defenders log on. By then they are dealing with a huge swarm lawn mowing your base. The guardian tower is already down and knocking on the hill door step.

        Pros: Fast. Defenders must be aggressive on their deployment before being overwhelmed. Fairly easy to play. Dump swarms anywhere you can! Bleed into every crack. Good at killing tempest tower and getting to Ally/Hero halls.

        Cons: Requires fairly unpopular focus on Ironguard. Can be beaten by online/responsive defense. Weak to ballista balls. Weak to heroes (IE Valeon, Tyrion, even Celeste). Catch em with their pants down or bust.
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          To build off of the Ima KIte you Right there after deploying your reavers and opening up one or more sides of the base.
          You want to choose what side you're going to attack and what side you are going to kite from.

          After that i've found that a swarm of Valks a Swarm of knights followed up with 2 or 3 Warships

          with the heros Valeon, Tyrion, and Strider is the best

          Tyrion is there to clean up any mass ranger spam

          Strider is there to get rid of any ballistas and or do major damage to buildings

          Valeon of course to shield your troops from dying quickly

          IMO this is the best strat. works 85% of the time\

          Kite daddy of GC


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            post some replays i wanna see this in action